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Make showers amazing again.


Shower steamers are a fabulous fizzing delivery system of essential oil aromatherapy goodness.


We have blended four distinct oil fusions encapsulating our island life here in the PNW:


eagle harbor morning:

essential oils of cedarwood atlas, fir, pine needle and eucalyptus to evoke those bracing Eagle Harbor mornings

november blast:

menthol, and the essential oils of eucalyptus and camphor to blast those suffering sinuses (think 'vapor-rub')

owl song:

essential oils of lavender, ylang ylang and chamomile and vanilla capture those peaceful Grand Forest evenings

southern exposure:

essential oils of orange, grapefruit, litsea cubeba, lemon myrtle, basil, clove and patchouli conjure those sun-soaked PNW summer afternoons


to use: drop tab in water near drain, but not directly under water stream (your unique shower configuration may require you experiment with the best placement of steamer tab)

warning: high concentration of essential oils  - NOT for use in bath - NOT suitable for infants or children

Shower Steamers

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