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a little
luxury for the everyday

Like fine coffee, tea or chocolate, we believe that a well-crafted bath product is a little luxury you can indulge in everyday.

We are passionate about quality ingredients mindfully sourced and thoughtfully blended and many of our creations reflect the scents and sights of our home here on Bainbridge Island. 


this is soggy frog

Soggy frog studio was founded on Bainbridge Island by Kristen Gagnon in 2020

Kristen arrived on the island from Yellowknife, NWT, where she honed her soapmaking craft inspired by the culture and flora of Canada's far north.

For her, soapmaking is a derivative and a reflection of the natural world, both regional and global. Inspiration often derives from her PNW forest home, but the 'art of the bar' springs also from the clays, botanicals and oils sourced from around the world.... And sometimes it simply a result of her quirky sense of humour.... It's soap and she just likes to have a little fun with it.

our PNW life

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